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Music – Traditional Sessions

Looking to sample some live music in the evening? Head out into a local pub, immerse yourself in the local culture in Irish pubs that date back to over 100 years old and then join in a ‘seisún’ (from Irish Gaelicis an event in which musicians gather together to play traditional Irish music, frequently in a pub.) so why not give it a try?.

Peppers Bar & Restaurant in Feakle, and The Abbey Tavern in Quin have weekly sessions that are well worth a visit – arrive early and sample fabulous food.

Peppers Bar & Restaurant, Feakle – 12km;

The Abbey Tavern, Quin – 16km


The pubs in the Clare town of Ennis are always worth a visit, with dozens of musicians pleasing the crowds there almost every evening.

Most sessions start at around 9:30 pm or whenever a few musicians have gathered.

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